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35mm Figaro Link Necklace


Average Weight :-
1400 grams / 50 ounce

This price is for 24 inch - the most common length. This Item will need to be custom made to order - normally ready within 3 weeks at the most.



Is this the LARGEST, BIGGEST, HEAVIEST Mens Silver Necklace ever ?

This piece was made on very special order for a customer who likes something unique ! A MASSIVE Figaro link, 35 mm wide necklace... measuring around 24 inches in length & about one inch wide !

Made from top Quality SOLID 925 STERLING SILVER Normally, a chain link this weights around a 1420 - 1450 + grams over 50 ounces oz ! HUGH...absolutely MASSIVE !

If you have a special order you are thinking of please ask me for a quote. They are all made by special you can see they are not the normal wimpy ones you get on the high street !